Career Planning


According to CEB, a lack of future career opportunities is the primary driver of attrition, topping compensation and manager quality.  According to Bersin Research and Glassdoor data, career development and learning are almost 2X more important than compensation, benefits, and work environment. 

People need resources, tools, and support to envision their futures. Managers need to know how and when to help employees navigate opportunities. 



“We encourage employees to own their careers and design them, but they become frustrated when we can’t deliver on their aspirations. They feel like we’ve broken our contract with them.”



  • The SDLE signals when career planning may be appropriate, based on few to no skill gaps and high levels of proficiency.
  • The SDLE enables each person to explore other opportunities across the organization without being reliant on their manager or HR to guide them through it.
  • The SDLE helps someone who is struggling in their current role to locate a better fit. When someone is struggling with performance, often it’s a good employee in the wrong job. Most organizations lose these people. The SDLE helps identify how to keep them.


“Career development is a necessity now. It's a bottom-line issue and, as report after report shows, an engagement and retention opportunity. Organizations' futures may depend on their solutions and their ability to offer career development to everyone.”

– Beverly Kaye, Lindy Williams