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Customer Success Manager

We’re a small, high growth, entrepreneurial software-as-a-service company in the talent, learning & development field.  Our competency management software empowers end users to own their own development and career planning, helps managers be more effective coaches, and provides amazing analytics to organizations.  We help organizations engage and retain their people.  We help people grow!

We’ve been so busy growing ourselves that now we need someone to focus on keeping our customers happy and expanding our footprint in their organization.  

This is where you come in.

In short, we need a Customer Success Manager who can do typical customer functions including:

  • Value delivery – understanding our customer’s business, and demonstrating how our product enables them to be more strategic and deliver value to their internal customers
  • Relationship building – expanding our touch points so other departments/units know what great things we’re doing and we have the ability to expand in the account

This requires that you already understand the talent, learning and development field, and that you become intimately familiar with the capabilities of the software. You must be passionate about the ability for technology to empower people. 

You’ll need to be good at customer relationship management, including documenting your touch points, and forecasting growth opportunities.

Experience as a customer manager working with Fortune 500 companies is a requirement.

If you do these things, you’ll be able to maintain the current revenue stream and grow it.  

We also need someone who can help with implementation responsibilities after the sale.  This will require an understanding of what inputs are required, the ability to project manage getting them from the customer, verifying they are complete, coordinating with others to create the required files and input them into their system, helping them tailor their communication plans, and scheduling any additional training.  So we need you to be able to create and manage short 2-4 week project plans in Excel and provide customers with weekly status.  These activities will deepen your understanding of the customer and their needs. 

Lastly, because you will be the account “expert” you may be asked to handle customer inquiries from Support where that expertise about usage is required.  And you may be sharing customer requirements for additional features with the Product Manager.

You need to have enough experience to be able to plan, project manage and execute independently.  Once trained, you can run without a lot of direction.

You also need to exhibit the core competencies any Customer Success Manager must have to succeed: creativity, a passion for learning, great computer and writing skills, and fine attention to detail. 

This is a full-time gig, working from home.  Tell us why you’ll be a fit, where your expertise runs deep, and your compensation requirements.  Send to Stuart Rogers via srogers@skilldirector.com.