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What are some best practices for keeping success profiles (competency models/capability models) flexible and updated (and not forgotten on the shelf)?

(Question posted by participants in recent webinars)

There are 3 steps to ensure you can adapt your competency model easily. 

  1. When you make the model accessible and assessable, whatever competency assessment tool you choose must support making these changes easily.  If it’s too difficult, it won’t happen, and then your competency model will be out of sync with strategy.
  2. Add a feedback mechanism within your competency assessment tool so you get feedback, and you continue to iterate the model and the behaviors to capture changes in tools, in technology, and in the environment in which you operate.  Have a defined process to do something with the feedback in a timely manner.
  3. Have a rhythm for periodically re-examining the model for changes.  Maybe 2x/year, or after a merger or acquisition, or product launch.  Much like the process for customizing behaviors in your model, we recommend sending out the model in a Word document (track changes on) to 4 - 6 high performers, and a manager of people in that role.  Give them a few days to review and edit.  Consolidate edits and conduct a 1-2 hour virtual workshop to discuss and finalize updates.  Then make the updates within the competency assessment tool immediately.
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