Don’t take our word for it

ATD’s research on Building a Culture of Learning reveals that creating personal development plans for all employees and leaders is a top practice and is linked to better market and learning performance.

Gartner says, “the traditional, one-size-fits-all approach to L&D will no longer cut it in the new work environment”.

The 2018 Global Leadership Forecast revealed that there is high consistency across the various generations in the workplace in terms of how they prefer to learn, including, in this order: #1 personalized learning experiences; #2 coaching from external mentors.  Both of these are supported by the Self-Directed Learning Engine.

Technology shines when it’s being used to “learn about the learner,” and deliver a more personalized experience. Some of the ways technology works to do that is to employ assessments that identify the learner’s individual strengths and skill gaps, then recommend appropriate development resources based on the results.

ROI on personalized learning:  The personalized learning experience is the modern learning experience. Companies that moderately or heavily use personalized learning are 3.2 times more likely to outperform peers on leadership bench strength, and 2.9 times more likely to outperform in current leader quality. In the war for time and attention, this approach is not “nice to have”—it’s a “must have” that creates your competitive edge.