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Benefits Of Self-Directed Learning & Career Planning For Employees | SkillDirector

Self-Directed Learning Engine Benefits for Employees

Let employees own their development, for the job they have or the job they want.
When employees search for a course on presentation skills and get a resulting list of 30 items, the volume is simply overwhelming, with little apparent differentiation, which typically leads to the employee giving up. This may be misinterpreted as lack of desire for certain activities.
The SDLE presents the employee with ONLY what is relevant for their skill gaps as it relates to their job. It aggregates formal and informal development assets, regardless of where they are located, into one place, with links to launch them. This makes learning and development activities useful, which drives adoption, engagement, and increased proficiency.
self-directed learning for employees
  • Create a personalized learning plan in minutes
  • Create a professional development plan that is meaningful, useful and relevant
  • Eliminate the opportunity cost of participating in unnecessary training activities
  • Eliminate search time locating appropriate development activities
  • Communicate job expectations
  • Identify best practices
  • Increase feelings of empowerment
  • Create a career development plan for the job they want next
  • Make corporate learning and development part of regular activities – it is completely integrated with Salesforce.com


self-directed learning technology