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SDLE Benefits for Learning & Development


Increase training efficiency

  • Use aggregated personalized learning plans to create REAL demand planning intelligence
  • Know what, when and where to offer activities, and who should participate
  • Add structure to the process of identifying skill gaps and creating learning plans
  • Maximize customer satisfaction and minimize waste (offering what is needed)
  • Prioritize training activity development
  • Develop data-driven training budgets (in hours vs. months)


Increase training impact

  • Create employee buy-in to skill development activities so they successfully change behavior or improve manager coaching

Make L&D more strategic

  • Identify what skill gaps may be hindering goal/target/quota achievement
  • Make competency models actionable
  • Deliver business intelligence to the organization, matching capabilities to initiatives


“I held a one hour call with a department who didn’t even know about the SDLE. At the end of the hour, the entire department had performed self-assessments, the managers had assessed their employees, everyone had a personalized learning plan, and I knew exactly what activities to schedule to address their needs. Months of work eliminated!”