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Strategic Workforce Planning For Organizations | SkillDirector

Self-Directed Learning Engine Benefits for Organizations

”I used to think strategic workforce planning was a pipe dream, requiring months of analysis. Now I have the information to do it in days.”
workforce learning solution technology for organizations

Take full control

  • Link employee skills to corporate strategy
  • Provide insight into appropriate business strategy based upon identified strengths/weaknesses
  • Create an organizational skills inventory to identify areas of expertise across the organization, and deploy resources appropriately
  • Deliver strategic workforce planning data, leveraging those with strong skills to build bench strength
  • Enable organizational agility – change skill requirements as strategy changes
  • Deploy employees who know how, and actively want to close their skill gaps
  • Create more engaged employees, which research demonstrates will lead to increased profitability
  • Stop the bleeding! Retain employees who cite "lack of development opportunities" as a leading reason for departure