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Thank you and your team for the great work on the SDLE. Using this tool is having a huge impact in the field, providing an electronic means to assess and track progress. Many have asked for this through the years. Thanks again and we look forward to continuing our work together.
— Chief Medical Officer
It creates a great opportunity to promote a coaching dialogue and rhythm within the context of development…the right type of dialogue for our “leaders of people”…. low to no subjectivity and a more purposeful and prescriptive development plan.
— VP Sales Force Effectiveness
I got the best performance review of my life as a result of the SDLE. I was asked to do something thought impossible. And you guys made it happen – in a month!
— Executive Director
We now use this assessment on new hires to gain a baseline assessment. New employees can focus on the right competencies from the first day on the job.
— Commercial Manager
We received unsolicited feedback from employees and managers that this (competency modeling, assessment and the self-directed learning system) was the one of the best tools ever brought into the organization.
— Sales Director
In terms of “partner service”, the SkillDirector team worked shoulder to shoulder with me, from day one. My agenda was the only agenda. The sharing of insight and support was beyond anything I’ve ever experienced. Our relationship with SkillDirector was truly a partnership.
— Global Commercial Capabilities Leader
The value is in understanding the skill gaps and strengths at a granular level. It’s behavior-based so you target the behaviors you want to change and/or influence to drive the right proficiency improvements.
— VP Sales Force Effectiveness
The organization is using data analytics pulled from the self-directed learning system to show important findings, such as how the skill gaps are closing and increase in skill proficiency year-over-year.
— Commercial Excellence Leader
The secret to developing talent is to know, prescriptively, what guidance and direction a person needs….one size does not fit all. Even better, if that person can have a voice in the process, the impact is certain and swift. There is no better approach or tool.
— Global Commercial Capabilities Leader
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I held a one hour call with a department who didn’t even know about the SDLE. At the end of the hour, the entire department had performed self-assessments, the managers had assessed their employees, everyone had a personalized learning plan, and I knew exactly what activities to schedule to address their needs. Months of work eliminated!
— Commercial Learning & Development Manager
In terms of a product and service, you won’t be disappointed.
— Commercial Excellence Leader
The process of self-assessment, developing an IDP, selecting the specific activities needed to master competencies and putting the learning into practice is a seamless approach. Took the stress out of wondering where to begin with the development process.
— End User
It holds employees accountable for moving forward with development. It helps employees engage more quickly.
— End User
I loved being able to personalize my learning based from specific goals I wanted to accomplish!
— End User
This is the best integrated and intuitive system I’ve ever used for employee development.
— Manager User
It completely took the stress off me in how to get started with my development.
— Manager User
It opened my eyes to informal learning activities I had no idea I could pursue. Suddenly, I could go to my manager with ideas for special projects and opportunities to stretch. Endless opportunities!
— End User