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The Self-Directed Learning Engine™ (SDLE)
Make your competency model actionable in just hours

The second step in our iCompetency framework is to make your competency model actionable. To be actionable, your model must be accessible and assessable. That means getting it off the PowerPoint, out of the spreadsheets and into your employees’ hands. Quickly. Easily. Elegantly. It takes just hours to get the information into the Self-Directed Learning Engine.

Enable personalized, competency-based learning at scale

Once your data is loaded into the SDLE, you automate personalized, competency-based learning for everyone. Link learning objectives to skills in your competency model. Leverage behavioral examples to drive competency assessment. Recommend learning opportunities across the entire learning ecosystem, supporting the 70-20-10 model.

Link skills to strategy

Operationalize corporate strategy down to the skill level for each job role. The competency model defines the skills required to execute that strategy. The SDLE allows each person to assess their capabilities against that model. The results of those assessments drive personalized development plans.

As people develop and re-assess, you can:

  • Link learning opportunities to changes in skills
  • Link changes in skills to business results
  • Link business results to the impact of learning opportunities
  • Build a skills inventory

    Automate needs assessment (it’s REAL!). Leverage the strategic skills intelligence output of the SDLE. Identify your skills baseline. Determine your strengths and weaknesses by job role. Enable strategic workforce planning. Know who to put on what project.
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    Where it fits and why you need it

    In a recent Deloitte study1, lack of employee engagement was the top issue facing 87% of HR and business leaders, and new approaches to corporate L&D are needed. Using annual performance reviews to drive development is becoming a thing of the past. Keeping score is not the way.

    Despite the widespread implementation of learning management systems, learning engagement and skill gaps continue to grow. Why? Because the LMS is not designed to fix these problems. Search is hard. Content is limited. Only formal activities… not 70-20-10. Reports support activity consumption, not skills analytics business leaders need.

    1) Deloitte. (2015). Global Human Trends 2015: Leading in the new world of work. Deloitte University Press.

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