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The Self-Directed Learning Engine™ (SDLE)

The SDLE is a tool that eliminates workforce skill gaps by delivering personalized learning.

Competency based learning technology
Employee engagement software

Attract and retain high value employees

The lack of new opportunities for career advancement is frequently cited as a top reason why employees leave organizations. Attract and retain high-value employees by allowing them to own their development... identifying and closing skill gaps for the job they have or the job they want next.

Eliminate skill gaps by driving positive behavioral change

When people identify their own skill gaps, they are intrinsically motivated to change their own behavior. That is the definition of being engaged. They embrace the relevance of the results and take ownership of their own development. According to Gallup, organizations with a higher rate of engaged employees have 3.9 times the earnings per share growth rate compared to organizations with lower engagement in their industry.

Be agile

Skill set requirements are changing at the fastest pace in history. If it takes you months to measure capabilities, by the time you take action, the requirements will have already changed. The SDLE assesses skills and builds personalized competency based learning plans in minutes, not months.

Embrace effective L&D spending

When it comes to training, waste typically occurs in what gets built and how it is consumed. One size does NOT fit all. With the SDLE, employees self-direct to and create personalized, self-directed learning plans. By aggregating personalized learning plan data, you determine real needs assessment across the organization. The SDLE leverages this data and eliminates training waste caused by developing or delivering the wrong content to the wrong audience.

Link skills to strategy

To truly link employee skills to corporate strategy, you must get granular. This holds true in how you assess employees’ capabilities and in the training solutions you provide. The SDLE drives functional excellence by ensuring each function has the skills to perform their part of corporate strategy through personalized learning and development. Empower leaders by enabling each group to focus on eliminating skill gaps within their units.

Strategic skills intelligence

Provide executives with an organizational skills inventory that illustrates the strengths and weaknesses of the organization, enables strategic workforce planning, and identifies what business strategy can be pursued successfully.

Where the SDLE fits

The SDLE is not an annual performance appraisal tool or a replacement system for your Talent or Learning Management System. Designed for empowerment, the SDLE can be “owned” and fully (independently) managed to the proper granularity by functional departments or their Learning & Development Leaders.