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Are you ready to FINALLY close skill gaps in your organization?

iCompetency makes personalized learning as easy as 3 simple steps

Create a competency model. Enable competency-based learning in weeks.

Make your competency model actionable. You can do that in hours.

Accelerate learning transfer. You achieve it in just minutes.

Why create and deliver competency-based learning?

Because it drives learning transfer. It makes training relevant to the employee. It links learning to skills. It connects skills to strategy. Our unique experience starts with how to create a competency model. We create them for you. We map them to learning for you. We do it in just weeks, not months!

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How do you make a competency model actionable?

You now have your competency model. It links to your learning assets. You are almost done! Our Self-Directed Learning Engine” (SDLE) gets you up and running in less than 2 hours. Our learning engine maps skill gaps to a personal competency-based learning experience. You empower your learners to achieve mastery at work. You engage them to action.

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Accelerate learning transfer in minutes

This is it. You are about to transfer learning. Imagine personalized learning at scale. Learning is relevant, personalized, and aspirational. Aptitude transforms into attitude. Anxiety turns into confidence. Disinterest into engagement. You close skill gaps. You retain talent. You align learning to growth.

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