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we deliver workforce agility

The power to shift people to where they’re needed most


Act on strategic workforce planning

Workforce agility refers to an organization’s ability to move people to support changes in the environment.  Think of it like supply and demand.  Workforce agility enables you to easily move people from one place, where demand is low to another place where demand is high.

It also enables you to respond to changes, such as automation, such that the skills associated with work change, so you can upskill people to do the new work, or move people with the right skills to that area.


Create transferable skills

If there are times or projects that require additional resources, you need to know who can participate.  Not everyone can assume every role.  But they can build transferable skills that give them the ability to be shifted to where they are needed most.  They can be upskilled to play their new role. Use the Self-Directed Learning Engine™ (SDLE) to identify target candidates.


Use skills intelligence

We deliver workforce agility by:

  • Identifying what each position/role needs to be able to do. That’s a role-based competency model.
  • Identifying who has what skills. Use the SDLE to perform a competency assessment.
    • Our dashboards enable you to find people who meet the desired criteria quickly and easily
    • People with sufficient skills to be moved temporarily or permanently
    • People to upskill within their existing role

Get Started Quickly

Our competency assessment system takes just 2 weeks to implement. We provide everything you need to be successful, including communication toolkits and best practices tailored to all levels of the organization – employees, managers, and leaders.