Personal and Team Analytics


The perfect measure of learning success is whether it measures results

But results are lagging indicators that often take months or years to measure.  Leading indicators, the behaviors and actions an employee takes to produce results, are easier to track and change.  By focusing on leading indicators and connecting them directly to lagging indicators, you can help people connect to their role in executing corporate goals and strategy.

The SDLE lets individuals see their own analytics and gives easy visibility for managers to team analytics.  The organization can look across the entire population.  And as people develop and re-assess, you can measure changes in both leading and lagging indicators.


SDLE analytics help you:

  • Become more strategic
  • Link learning opportunities to changes in skills
  • Link changes in skills to business results
  • Know who to put on what project
  • Build effective teams with the right skills to succeed
  • Deliver business intelligence to the organization, matching capabilities to initiatives
  • Identify what skill gaps may be hindering goal/target/quota achievement
  • Automate needs assessment
  • Enable strategic workforce planning