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Why Competency Models Impact Success | SkillDirector

A Competency Model
is the roadmap to greatness

The first step in our iCompetency framework is the competency model.
Competency models can help you close skill gaps, increase engagement and drive retention.
They power the entire employee lifecycle.

People crave mastery

(20 second video snippet - from Daniel Pink: "Drive")

Competency Model +
Personalized Learning = Success

Because a role-specific competency model provides a baseline.
The baseline tells each person what skill gaps exist and what development is needed.
Personalized learning drives intrinsic motivation to mastery.

You recruit better – Read blog post
You onboard faster – Read blog post
You close skill gaps – Read blog post
You empower career planning – Read blog post

No Competency Model is a strategy gap

Without a competency model, there is no personalized learning.
You can’t close skill gaps. You have frustrated employees who leave.
You can’t operationalize your strategy.

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You alienate frustrated employees who can’t do their jobs – Read blog post
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Competency Models are easy

Did you know there are 3 simple ways to build a competency model?
Well, now you do! Our iCompetency framework lets you do it in weeks.

You can use a standard model – Learn more
We can build it for you – See how easy
You can build your own – Check it out

You just completed step 1 of iCompetency. Click on step 2 now.

Create a competency model.

Make your competency model actionable.

Accelerate learning transfer.