Let employees take charge of learning


According to Deloitte, the trend is clear: "The learning organization must help learners figure out how to obtain the learning they need for themselves, from both inside and outside the company. If your organization has not yet embarked on this journey, the time to start is now." Using annual performance reviews to drive development is becoming a thing of the past. Keeping score is not the way.


The Self-Directed Learning Engine™ (SDLE) enables each person to own their development and career planning across 70-20-10 activities (experiential/collaborative/formal), while helping managers support team member efforts with visibility, input, and coaching. 


Culture of learning efforts should be accompanied by the creation of learning KPIs and dashboards for the assessment of managers so that learning becomes a key task for both employees and managers.

– World Economic Forum

The SDLE provides aggregated team analytics that highlight whether the culture change is taking place. This help managers realistically support a culture of learning through development habits.