About The Self-Directed Learning Engine™ (SDLE)

Who has access to the results? When and how will they be used?

Employees and Administrators have access to the results, except for Career Planning results which are available only to Employees. 

Managers have no access to results unless an employee desires to share it with the manager, and the employee can change his/her mind and take it away from the manager at any time.   Each user can make this determination every time they submit their self-assessment.

Results are used for:

  • Employee:  owning your own development and career planning
  • Manager:  coaching, and assigning mentors, ONLY when the employee desires it
  • Administrators:  Learning & Development planning, for example, to identify what development activities are needed so they can make such activities (especially classroom and workshop-type activities) available, scheduling them in the proper locations, and communicating the availability to those who need them. 


Is it mandatory?

The SDLE is voluntary.


What’s in it for me?

  • It helps you truly own your own development – it is a benefit
  • It provides planning data to ensure that development opportunities are available in your location
  • It helps you understand job expectations
  • It provides immediate access to best practices through task/behavioral examples 
  • It empowers you to quickly identify development opportunities and take advantage of them
  • It helps you to assess your skills and identify development opportunities for the job you want next (other career options)
  • It can help your manager to more effectively coach you, ONLY when you desire it
    • To understand your manager’s expectations of you
    • To educate your manager about experience you have, about which the manager may be unaware
  • If you’re a manager, and your employees agree to have you participate in the process, it helps you to be a better coach, find task-based mentors for closing skill gaps quickly, and better support each team member's success
  • It gives you the best opportunity to be successful in your current job and to prepare for future ones


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