We can build you a custom competency model in weeks

The following describes the process we complete for you, resulting in a custom, role-based competency model.


Rapid Job Analysis Workshop

We conduct a one day workshop (in person or virtual) with 4 - 6 high performers. Together we identify those tasks/skills high performers do that are important and critical to success. We define what separates “good” from “great”.

Identify Task Examples

For each task, we draft task/behavioral examples, provide them to the high performers for review/editing (pre-work), and conduct a virtual workshop to consolidate edits. Each example identifies the behaviors that would be exhibited by someone performing that skill or task at various proficiency levels.  These examples provide each person in that role with a road map for how to be great and what "great" looks like. The examples serve as an excellent means to communicate and iterate best practices.  And they ensure consistent and objective assessment and self-awareness can occur. It is through self-awareness that a person becomes intrinsically motivated to change.

Perform Task Proficiency Analysis

We define the target proficiency required for each task.

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