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How to create informal, competency-based learning… in only 1 day

The modern learner craves informal, competency-based learning… which is easy and cost effective to create.

According to LinkedIn’s Workplace Learning Report, the #1 challenge for L&D is getting employees to make time for development.  People are overloaded.  They learn something when they need it.  Informal learning adds structure to this reality.  It enables people who “can’t make time for learning” to embed it naturally into their workflow.  This converts excuses (no time) to action.

Your competency model identifies which informal activities to create. A competency model describes what each person in their role needs to be able to do, specifically, in order to perform their part of corporate strategy. If you have a list of what people need to be able to do, you can create a skill practice that enables them to perform the behaviors of that skill at their required level of proficiency. 

There are 3 types of skill practices, each of which has progressively more detail, but can still be created in 1 day.

Regardless of the size of your learning department or the size of your organization, informal learning can make an immediate impact on the value you can deliver.

To make them actionable, place your models into a competency assessment tool so they are easily accessible, so people can self-assess against it, and be recommended the right personalized learning plan comprised of those learning opportunities, tools and templates that can help them close gaps or increase their proficiency. That’s what users have in the ATD Skill Tracker.  Try the ATD Skill Tracker for yourself – so you can see how iCompetency works for you personally.

If you are interested in learning more about the competency building tool that powers the ATD Skill Tracker or how to drive iCompetency and a culture of learning in your organization, click the Request Demo button.

Other alternatives include: