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Informal Learning

If you’ve got skill gaps, but people have no time for learning, you’ve got a problem.

The solution? Let them learn while working.

One of the most useful ways of accelerating learning transfer is via workflow learning – learning in the context of the activity you need to do as part of your job. Josh Bersin describes this as “The New Model for Learning: In The Flow of Work”. While traditional "on the job training" makes use of this practice, it has not historically provided sufficient structure to provide best practices.

You can use Skill Practices

Use prebuilt skill practices to learn skills that transcend the changes (digitization, artificial intelligence) that affect jobs today: business acumen, personal operational excellence, problem solving, and sales acumen. Skill practices combine the best way to learn with a solution that overcomes excuses.

These skill practices were created to address the core skills lacking in the 4th Industrial Revolution: business acumen, critical thinking, communication, project planning, and problem solving. SkillDirector skill practices cover one learning objective and contain:

  • Background – the circumstances describing the situation in which the skill practice must occur
  • A template for performing the skill practice that enables consistent output/results
  • Examples for the learner, along with instructions, so they don’t get frustrated with the activity

  • Duration varies based upon the learning objective, however, all skill practices involve the application of learning to something the learner must perform in their current job – a real business opportunity. This makes it more relevant, better retained, and does not take time away from the job – it directly applies the learning to something the learner needs to perform anyway. Click here for a list of all Skill Practices.

    To see some examples, watch the 1.5 minute video overview below or click here to download a few.

    On-the-job training (OJT) isn’t new. But putting structure to it so that it is scalable and creates high results across the organization is a relatively new twist that changes everything— including organization results—dramatically.
    — “Learning While Working", Paul Smith

    You can create your own informal competency-based learning in a day

  • Watch this free ATD webcast to get started.
  • Click here to download the materials with steps, templates and samples.