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Edutainment Media rebrands as SkillDirector

Orlando, Florida

Edutainment Media today announced that it is changing its name to SkillDirector™, reflecting a transition from a content development company to a focus on skill-related software and services.

“Edutainment Media was founded as a company that focused on creating edutainment-style media, at which time the name was a perfect fit,” said Managing Partner, Cheryl Lasse. “In December 2014, we sunset the last of our content development services, and our name really needed to reflect what we do today – helping people identify and close skill gaps through personalized learning.”

CEO, Stuart Rogers, added, “The Self-Directed Learning Engine™, our core cloud-based Software as a Service product, enables people to be the director of their own skill development – for the job they have now and the job they want next. The name SkillDirector conveys the capability being delivered by our products and services.”

SkillDirector will be the dba for Edutainment Media, which will remain the legal company’s name. The transition across materials, web sites and applications will occur over the next several months.

News / Events / Blog Posts | SkillDirector