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Recent studies from Accenture Research and Deloitte Consulting find employee skill gaps and disengagement in the workplace are increasing. That is a problem not only for the companies that are experiencing increased skill gaps, but also for the employees themselves. Nearly half of all companies surveyed (46%) report that skill gaps among their employees cause negative business outcomes. Skill gaps (and the frustration they create) are also found to be one of the main causes of declining employee engagement, which is the top issue facing 87% of HR executives and business leaders.  

 Skill gaps and disengagement are also creating a significant perception problem for Learning and Development departments. Only 25% of company executives believe that their company's Learning & Development department is essential to achieving business goals. This perception of Learning & Development is bad for L&D leaders, and current Learning & Development strategies to address engagement and skill gap issues simply aren't working.

Download our white paper to find out how personalized learning can decrease employee skill gaps and increase employee engagement.

News / Events / Blog Posts | SkillDirector