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Where do I start? 2 tips for organizations who want to define competencies/capabilities

(Question posted by participant in Accelerating Learning Transfer webinar)

Start small! Pick one or more related roles in a group that is either:

  • Highly impactful (e.g., closing skill gaps there would REALLY make a difference - revenue, costs, errors, etc.)
  • Highly visible (a success story would permeate the organization)
  • Highly influential (a success in that group would have others dying to be next)

Nothing pleases me more than when we create competency models for a few job roles and we get support requests from non-system users who say, "when will my job be loaded?"

If you can pick a group that is all 3, that's a bonus! 

Also look for groups where in general, there is a culture of wanting to make things better, and change is expected...not one where they are change resistant. 


News / Events / Blog Posts | SkillDirector