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How can I use a competency model to evaluate learning programs?

Competency models provide you with a very straightforward method for evaluating learning programs.  I teamed with Jennifer Naughton, formerly the Senior Director of Competencies and Credentialing from ATD, and Dr. Bill Rothwell from Penn State, to discuss this very question in a ATD Conference session.  We call it “The Holy Grail” – to be able to measure the impact of learning.

We developed a very simple blueprint you can use:

1.      Create or acquire a competency model

2.      Have people perform a baseline assessment (make it actionable)

3.      Use a personalized learning plan to provide people with cafeteria options from which they can create a development plan that is relevant and meets their learning preferences

4.      Ensure they actively execute the development plan (supported by manager coaching)

5.      Re-assess against the competency model

6.      Measure change in skills (and results, if possible)

7.      Return to step 3 for iterative continuous improvement


Feel free to download the template we created and try it for yourself. 

News / Events / Blog Posts | SkillDirector