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How Accelerating Learning Transfer Will Make You More Popular

You probably have a lot of friends in your organization. People who respect you and invite you to participate in their programs.  The question is not whether you are popular in your department, but rather whether you’re invited to discussions with leadership.  Accelerating learning transfer can get you invited to the strategy table.  Here’s why.

Competency models identify what the organization needs people in a particular role to do in order for the organization to succeed and create competitive advantage.  That’s important to leadership.  Competency models intrinsically motivate people to achievement. In essence, they provide each person with a road map for how to be great.  Competency models define what is relevant.  That’s important to your target audience.

If the competency models define the required skills, then you need to make sure you have, or create, competency-based learning such that the required skills can be acquired, and business results follow. 

Competency-based learning ensures you have no learning opportunity gaps.  It provides the greatest opportunity to incorporate the “70” (on-the-job activities, skill practices, job aids, etc.) into the 70-20-10 model (see recent article in TD Magazine).

That’s why performing needs analysis without a competency model is so flawed.  How can you possibly know what your audience needs if you don’t know what skills they should have?

If you’re creating content without a competency model (and it’s not competency-based), there’s a good chance that:

  • You’re wasting a lot of your time and effort
  • You’re wasting the time of the people participating in those activities
  • You’re not closing skill gaps that are relevant to your target audience
  • You’re not moving the needle on changing the behaviors that your target audience needs to do their job
  • You’re probably not impacting results
  • And therefore, leadership won’t invite you to the strategy table because they don’t see the value of your effort

Want to fix that?  Want to be invited to leadership discussions because they know you can help them close skill gaps and achieve their goals?

Check out the webinar “How to Accelerate Learning Transfer Through Competency-Based Learning”, February 4, 2016 at 1pm Eastern time.


Also at: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/how-accelerating-learning-transfer-make-you-more-popular-cheryl-lasse and https://www.td.org/Publications/Blogs/Career-Development-Blog/2016/01/How-Accelerating-Learning-Transfer-Will-Make-You-More-Popular



News / Events / Blog Posts | SkillDirector