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Self-Directed Personalized Learning Is Essential! (@TrainingJournal)

During a recent Learning Live event with Nigel Paine, experts discussed key issues in Learning & Development. 

  • David Perring emphasized the importance of moving away from traditional learning methods to encourage self-directed learning.
  • Sarah Lindsell agreed that self-directed learning was very important for people’s career and aspirations and suggested employers implement personalization in their approach. “I think it comes down to how you deliver it and whether it is relevant and a lot about personalized and having it personalized to me.”
  • Dom McPhee said: “We give learners the choice of the way they learn. I think we are all self-directed in our lives; the challenge is how do we bring self-directed learning into organisations.”

Technology is the only way to enable self-directed, personalized learning.


News / Events / Blog Posts | SkillDirector