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We Can Build You A Custom Competency Model In Weeks

Rapid Job Analysis Workshop
We conduct a one-day workshop (in person or virtual) with 4 - 6 high performers in a particular role.  Together we identify those skills and tasks high performers do that are important and critical to success. This step provides us with input for the remaining steps in the process.

Identify Task Examples
For each task, we create draft task/behavioral examples, provide them to the high performers for review/editing (pre-work), and conduct a virtual workshop (3 hours) to consolidate edits. These task examples/behavioral examples provide each person in that role with a road map for how to be great and what "great" looks like. Each example identifies the behaviors that would be exhibited by someone performing that skill or task at various proficiency levels.  The examples can serve as an excellent means to communicate and iterate best practices.  And they ensure consistent and objective assessment and self-awareness can occur. It is through self-awareness that a person becomes intrinsically motivated to change.

Perform Task Proficiency Analysis
We define the minimum proficiency required (minimum performance standard) for each skill or task.  

Timing: About 3 weeks

Click here for examples of competency models we've built.

We Create Competency-Based Learning

Once you have a competency model, we identify what learning opportunities either exist or should be developed/located/procured to develop skills to perform the tasks in your competency model proficiently.

Perform Learning Opportunity Analysis
We analyze the current learning opportunity inventory and identify any applicable learning opportunities and assets, formal and informal. Learning assets include tools, templates, performance support objects and job aids. When we perform the Rapid Job Analysis Workshop, we gather this information from your high performers. For each learning opportunity or asset identified, we will list or refine a set of properly defined learning objectives and identify the proficiency level a participant would achieve after completing it.

Perform Task To Learning Mapping / Gap Analysis
We map each skill or task to the learning objective of a learning opportunity or asset.  For those places where no learning opportunity exists, we will propose a learning opportunity, with the learning objectives it should cover.  We strive to provide a mix of learning opportunities across the 70-20-10 spectrum (experience/collaboration/formal education), so learners have a choice in how they close skill gaps -- something that is critical to engagement in those activities.

SkillDirector skill practices provide the ability to learn while you work. Click here for 70 skill practices you can use out of the box on Business Acumen, Personal Operational Excellence, Problem Solving, and Sales Acumen. Contact us for pricing.

Timing: About 3 weeks

We Drive Intrinsic Motivation To Improve

Until employees assess themselves against the competency-based skills of high performers, they don’t know what they don’t know. We load the above data into the Self-Directed Learning Engine. Job incumbents self-assess on the tasks they must perform to be successful -- they are relevant.  Now each person knows and buys into their skill gaps and strengths, and they have an automatically generated personalized learning plan to close their gaps.  We like to improve -- it's satisfying!  Each person now knows how to do it.

The aggregated data provides "real" needs assessment, from which development and deployment plans and budgets can be created and justified. This data also provides a skills inventory and a skills baseline that enables leaders to plan strategies that can be best executed by the organization.  

As each individual executes their plan, aggregated skills data demonstrates the effectiveness of action and learning transfer.  Each person can then re-assess their skills to iteratively close skill gaps over time.  The more they improve, the more engaged they will remain in future learning and development opportunities.  The more they improve, the closer the organization will be to closing skill gaps and executing corporate strategy.

Annual Or Bi-annual Review 

The skills people in your organization need to be successful will change over time.  Learning opportunities and assets will change.  We can facilitate an annual or bi-annual review of your competency model and mapping.  This consists of analysis by our consultants, pre-work with high performers, and a 1 - 2 hour virtual workshop.