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How do I quickly create competency models using rapid job analysis for roles that exist across multiple business units?
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When the competency model roles are similar across business units, (e.g., sales, engineers, finance, risk analysts), there are 2 ways you can choose to build the model.

1)      You could include people across business units in the competency modeling workshops.

2)      Or you could perform the competency modeling process with one business unit, and then validate it with the other business units, providing them with the opportunity to customize the tasks and/or behavioral examples.

We’ve done it both ways.


If time is of the essence, competency modeling approach 2 (build and validate) may be faster and easier. If the company culture has business units at odds, then being more inclusive at the front end is the way to go (competency model approach 1). A middle ground is to have the other business units validate the output of the Competency Model Rapid Job Analysis workshop, and then participate in the Competency Model Task Example editing and workshop.


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